Accounting & Book Keeping

Accounting & Book Keeping

Rollin & Co. provides accounting, book keeping services as an outsourced professional where we undertake the duties of the finance department in various aspect to complement the overall health of the finance function of the company. Our services scope incorporates daily bookkeeping services to periodic approach based on monthly, quarterly or yearly tenures. Full sets accounts are done with standard financial statements made available at the prescribed tenure period. Specialized reports can be provided depending on the needs of the businesses such as gearing ratio, risk exposure, ROE reports, ROI reports, PE ratios, cash flow statements, statement of equity positions, 360 business health analysis etc.

All our services are performed in house with qualified full time accountants; we treat each set of accounts with the due proper procedures and ensure that the reports we generate are compliance with the report standards of the country the company is domiciled in. eg. SFRS, MFRS, CFRS or IFRS. Special request can also be made for our associate partners to provide reports based on the GAAP standards. This greatly reduces the hassles faced by clients with cross border operations and having to translate reports across jurisdiction.

The biggest challenges of small enterprises today to be able to afford a qualified accounting professional who understands the needs of the organisation. Often then now, they end up with unqualified persons who does more harm then help the organisation, ROLLIN & Co. motive is to cover this role effectively, professionally and with empathy to the needs of the organisation.

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