As part of the value added chain services that we offer for accounting & book keeping, a specialized IT department was added in 2014 which offers IT integration services for the specific needs of running accounting, payroll and HR systems in office or on the cloud. We will source and provide for the best and most secure platform for our distinguished clients to ensure that their business records are well managed and securely handled, enabling them to access the information any time any where securely and easily.

As the user as well, we understand the difficulties of IT jargons to the layman and endeavor to make it easy and simple for them cutting away all the technicalities which are reserved for IT technician and making it seamless and easy yet secure as what we are dealing with are after all financial matters.In view that IT investment are probably one of the least rewarding yet highest amortization rates, Rollin IT also provide a IT leasing solution where the end user pays a monthly fees to have access to all that IT equipment and SAAS ( software as a service) thereby lightening their balance sheet and keep operating cost reasonable and efficient.To complete the services, Rollin IT encompasses a periodic maintenance and clean up services for the user such that all angles are taken care of and covered !

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