Corporate Advisory (IPO / RTO)

Corporate Advisory (IPO / RTO)

Rollin & Co. has a unique proposition to help chart clients’ business expansion program whereby we hand hold the company (for a short period of time) to achieve some milestones with the ultimate aim of helping the client achieve a successful public offering or a private placement. The process involves refinement to book keeping standards, valuations, book making, compliance requirement as well as working with pre qualified external partners to ensure that company achieves it ultimate target. Having colleagues and partners familiar to the stock exchange’s practice and regulations make the process more efficient and less time consuming.

The route to public company is both inviting and daunting for some as it signifies a milestone for the company. Old practises have to be changed and new measures adopted to ensure compliances and transparency. It is always good to implement from the start then to have to change and revised midway as these are both time consuming, costly mistakes that should be avoided.

Our stable of partners also includes sponsors and placement partners who will gladly share their networks, financing abilities and industry clout to ensure a smoother listing journey.

Talk to us today about your entrepreneur plans and let us advise you on the best and most economical way to great success.


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